Heads Up! Game: The Hilarious Party Game for All Ages

Heads Up! Game: The Hilarious Party Game for All Ages

Heads Up! is a fun, hilarious game created by Ellen DeGeneres. It’s one of the best party games for playing with friends!

The New York Times praised it as a “Sensation.”1 Cosmopolitan declared it “the best dollar you’ve spent.”1

Heads Up! is a charades-style game where players guess words based on friends’ clues.

Key Takeaways

  • Heads Up! is an engaging party game made by Ellen DeGeneres.
  • It’s described as a “Sensation” and “best dollar you’ll spend.”
  • Players guess words using friends’ clues and gestures in this charades-style game.
  • Perfect for game nights, family gatherings, and any fun occasion.
  • Offers various themed decks and categories for endless entertainment.

It’s perfect for game nights and family gatherings, bringing laughter and excitement.

What is the Heads Up! Game?

Heads Up! is an exhilarating party game with charades style.2 It combines charades, trivia, and team competition elements.2 Players hold the phone on their forehead.2 They guess words or phrases based on friends’ clues.

Diverse categories make Heads Up! fun for everyone.2 From Celebrities to Movies and Hilarious Accents.2 It guarantees laughter and endless entertainment.2

An Exhilarating Charades-Style Party Game

Heads Up! is an engaging, fast-paced party game.2 It’s a modern twist on charades.2 Players rely on creativity, acting skills, and teamwork.1

The game emphasizes quick thinking and hilarious gestures.1 It fosters friendly competition for lively gatherings.1

Created by Ellen DeGeneres for Endless Fun

Heads Up! was developed by Ellen DeGeneres.2 The beloved TV personality created the app.2 It reinvents charades for the digital age.2

With themed decks, Heads Up! offers endless laughter.2 It provides opportunities for bonding and memories.2

How to Play Heads Up! Game

Heads Up! is easy to play. First, choose from 100+ themed decks. Or, make your own category.2 Then, hold the phone to your head. Your friends give clues for the word shown.2 If you guess right, tilt down to score. Can’t get it? Tilt up to pass.2

Select from Diverse Categories or Create Your Own

Pick from Celebrity Quiz, Movies, Animals, Accents, and more.2 Make a custom deck to challenge friends and family.2 With over 100 themed options, entertainment never ends.2

Hold the Phone to Your Forehead for Word Guessing

The core game has you holding the phone to your head.2 Friends see the word and give you clues.2 It’s an interactive, charades-style experience.2

Tilt Down for Correct Answers, Up to Pass

Guess right? Tilt phone down to score a point.2 Stumped? Tilt up to skip that word.2 This smooth mechanic keeps everyone engaged.2

Heads Up! Game Categories and Decks

Heads Up! has diverse categories.2 From celebrities to blockbuster movies, there’s fun for everyone.1 Create your own category too!

Hours of laughter await. Heads Up! has unforgettable moments.

Celebrity Quiz

Test your celebrity knowledge. Guess the famous names.

Blockbuster Movies

Relive movie magic by identifying iconic films.2


Unleash your inner zoologist. Guess the captivating animals.

Accents and Impressions

Flex your vocal cords.2 Impersonate hilarious accents worldwide.1

Superheroes and Famous Characters

Heads Up! Game Features

Heads Up! brings endless fun. It allows group play with friends and family. You can record hilarious gameplay videos to keep or share. The game offers various difficulty levels for all ages. It’s frequently updated with seasonal and topical content.

Whether for family gatherings or game nights, Heads Up! promises unforgettable moments.

Group Play with Friends and Family

Heads Up! facilitates group play with friends, family or hundreds simultaneously. This creates priceless memories and shared laughter.

Record and Share Hilarious Gameplay Videos

You can record and share gameplay videos with loved ones. Capture hilarious moments to relive forever.

Various Difficulty Levels for All Ages

The game offers various difficulty settings for all skill levels. Trivia buffs and casual players are entertained.

Frequently Updated with Seasonal and Topical Content

Heads Up! frequently gets seasonal and topical content updates. New themed decks keep the fun fresh.


Heads Up! game

Heads Up! Game: The Ultimate Party Starter

Heads Up! combines charades, trivia, and team competition.2 It offers over 100 themed decks for selection.2 Categories include Celebrity Quiz, Movies, Animals, and more.2

The game allows group play with friends or teams.2 Updates introduce seasonal and topical decks like Harry Potter.2 Users can record and share hilarious gameplay videos.2

Heads Up! caters to all skill levels with difficulty settings.2 Created by Ellen DeGeneres, it combines charades and trivia.2 Reviews highlight its ability to bring people together.2

At $1.00, Heads Up! is an affordable party starter.2 It ensures guests have unforgettable fun at any event.2

Play Heads Up! Game Anywhere, Anytime

Heads Up! is a perfect game. It can be played anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s a family gathering or game night with friends, it brings laughter. Heads Up! is the ultimate party game.

4 Its versatility makes it ideal. It has a wide range of categories. This brings joy to any event.5

Perfect for Family Gatherings

Heads Up! is great for family gatherings. It offers a fun, interactive activity. It lets you enjoy laughter with family.

4 With over 40 themed decks, it keeps everyone engaged. Categories like Celebrities, Movies, Animals, Accents, ensure entertainment.4

Ideal for Game Nights with Friends

For game nights with friends, Heads Up! is perfect. The app allows group play. You can play with friends or teams.5

It has an extensive trivia library.5 Trivia buffs and casual players enjoy it. It’s ideal for any occasion.

Brings Joy and Laughter to Any Occasion

Heads Up! delivers joy and entertainment. It’s great for family gatherings, game nights, or occasions.4

With frequent updates and custom decks,5 it guarantees unforgettable memories.

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Heads Up! is a hilarious, exhilarating party game sweeping the world.6 Its diverse categories and engaging gameplay provide endless entertainment.6 It’s the ultimate choice for joyful, unforgettable memories.

Looking to liven up family gatherings or game nights?6 Heads Up! is the perfect party starter.6 Get ready for laughter and great times.6

Don’t wait! Download Heads Up! now.6 Experience the ultimate in party game fun.6


What is the Heads Up! game?

Heads Up! is a fun, hilarious party game created by Ellen DeGeneres. It’s praised as one of the best games to play with friends. The New York Times called it a “Sensation,” and Cosmopolitan said it’s worthwhile.Heads Up! is a charades-style game where players guess words on cards held to their foreheads based on friends’ clues.

How does Heads Up! work?

Playing Heads Up! is simple. First, select from over 100 themed decks or create your own category. Then, hold the phone to your forehead as friends shout clues about the displayed word.If you guess right, tilt the phone down to earn a point. If stumped, tilt up to pass.

What categories and decks are available?

Heads Up! offers diverse categories ensuring endless entertainment. Guess Celebrities, Blockbuster Movies, Hilarious Accents, and Superheroes. You can even create custom categories to challenge friends and family.

What features does Heads Up! offer?

Heads Up! offers group play for friends, family, or hundreds simultaneously. Record hilarious gameplay videos to keep or share. It caters to all skill levels with difficulty settings for trivia buffs and casual players.

Where and when can it be played?

Heads Up! is perfect for any occasion – family gatherings, game nights, or events needing laughter and excitement. Its versatility and range make it ideal for bringing joy anywhere, anytime.

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